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Personalised Viewing Experience

Our personalised viewing experience trip is over 2– 4 consecutive days, beginning with us collecting you from the airport & transferring you to your chosen accommodation, whether it be our discounted hotel or self-catering accommodation, both are offered to you at reduced rates. (See Accommodation).

Once you have freshened up, we will be orientating you & explaining about the different parts that make up the area of the Costa Blanca South. We will then spend the rest of the day exploring the area and lifestyle. Thus giving you a more rounded idea of the location, as this we feel is just as important as purchasing the actual property.

Over the next couple of days, we will be showing you property that we have sourced one week prior to your arrival from our large network of agents here on the ground, that matches your qualification requirements & budget, hopefully culminating in one that you wish to purchase; although there will be no pressure put upon you to do so.

We collect you from your accommodation each day around 9.30am & return you around 4.30 - 5.00pm, so that you have some down time to discuss the day, as this is a big decision. During the day we will obviously stop for refreshments etc.

If you do decide to purchase, on the last day of the trip (this needs to be a weekday), we will obtain your NIE's, (your Spanish fiscal number, which is mandatory to have when purchasing property here); meet with the lawyers, who are totally independent & English speaking, if you are happy with them – sign for Power of Attorney, (this covers you for buying/selling, opening/settling mortgages, opening bank accounts & paying your taxes, only here in Spain), therefore, there is no need to return for completion; & then we meet with the bank manager & open your Spanish Bank account.

This means, when you leave us, all you will have to do is send the deposit money over, (if not already done by internet banking) & the remainder of the money that you yourselves will be putting into the purchase, will need to be sent to your personal Spanish bank account or to the lawyers account, which will save you some money. If there is a mortgage involved, then there will be a need for some financial documentation to be sent over via email, (unless this has already been done – see separate informational guide).

Please note from the above and the buying guides that a 6,000.00 Euros holding deposit will be required should you see any property you wish to purchase; this can be transferred during your visit, if you have internet banking or immediately upon your return home, through normal banking procedures. It can be brought with you in the form of cash, as International Personal cheques are not valid, & it is very difficult to use one's credit/debit card for that amount here in Spain. Please also be aware that further payment deposits may be requested upon your return home, dependant upon the length of completion.

With all the above completed, once you leave Spain, you can be assured that everything is in safe & professional hands, & there is no need for you to return for completion.


The holding deposit is non-refundable, in accordance with Spanish law (see below for legal terminology), which denotes that if a purchaser pulls out of the purchase/sale, the deposit is non-refundable and will go to the vendor less a finder's fee/administration fee for the agent(s) involved of 25% of said deposit.. If the vendor pulls out, it states that the purchaser will receive his deposit back less a finder's fee/administration fee for the agent(s) involved of 25% of said deposit and will also receive the same amount again from the vendor.

On completion date, if the signing of the title-deeds is not completed for reasons of failure to comply with the present contract by the buyers, the buyers will not be entitled to a refund which was done in concept of señal and arras penitential's. If the signing of the title-deeds is not completed because the sellers fails, the seller will pay back double of the amounts received. This contract will be ruled under art. 1454 of Spanish Civil Code in the event of breach of contract.

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