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Q. Is it easy to buy property in Spain?

A. Yes. However, you should use the services of a company like 'Casa Consultants'. You must also follow legal advice.

Q. What other costs are involved in buying a property in Spain?

A. As an average you should allow a further 13% – 15% of the property purchase price to cover for taxes and legal fees.

Q. What are the advantages of buying brand new or an off-plan property?

A. By choosing this method you have a wider choice in the type, location and price as well as being able to make some changes to the layout of the property. This will also be covered with a 10-year property guarantee.

Q. How does the cost of living in Spain compare to the UK?

A. The simple answer is that it is approximately 20% cheaper to live in Spain.

Q. Spanish mortgage or a UK mortgage, which is the best?

A. Either. We would recommend that you research both charges and interest rates to establish what is currently the best for you. ( See Guide on Finances and Mortgages)

Q. Can I be employed in Spain?

A. Yes, as Spain is part of the EU, you benefit from the same rights as Spanish nationals.

Q. What healthcare system is there?

A. It's free of charge if you are over retirement age and an EU citizen, and you are covered if you are employed, paying Spanish National Insurance (Autonomo). Those who are unemployed or under the age of retirement would need private medical insurance

Q. Can I take my car to Spain?

A. Yes. But within 6 months you have to change your registration plates to Spanish plates (i.e. importing the car). Also, it must be in your name for at least 6 months prior to arriving in Spain. At Casa Consultants, we can recommend the services of a well established local company that will handle all the paperwork for your car and also be your friendly mechanic, speaking English/Spanish/Dutch/German - Venture Fleet

Avda. del Mar 14
Pol. Ind. Lo Blanc Nave F (View Map)
03187 Los Montesinos
E-Mail: info@venturefleet.com
Telephone : 966111467 - 965077330

Opening hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 - 19:00
Saturdays: 10:00 - 14:00

Q. What happens to my property when I am not there?

A. We have a complete after-care services for you, including our home care packages, please ask for details.

Q. Is there anyone that I can talk to regarding advice on tax issues if I was to become a resident?

A. We are associate partners

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